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"I just wanted to say a really big thank you and to let you know everything was perfect in Poland and everyone was absolutely lovely, i havn't got a bad word to say :) xx I am really pleased with the results of my new nose, now just taking it easy as advised and wait for it to heal. My nose is making a definite improvement in terms of the swelling and bruising, starting to see it more...i am sooooo happy :0 xx The apartment was lovely, the clinic was too and very very clean. The staff at the clinic were really lovely and i felt very comfortable and looked after. Aleksandra was the perfect host and was always at the end of the phone if we needed anything. There were no questions unanswered or anything we were unsure of prior to surgery. Prof Towpik was very professional and calming and Dr Dobrska was absolutely lovely. She was very endearing and caring. Once again, thank you so much, for all the support prior to me going to Poland, i would definitely recommend Revive to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery. Indi Brown"
(a patient from England, February 2012)

"I guess if you are reading this review you may be considering whether or not to take quite a big step into the world of cosmetic surgery, and if you do take that step where on earth do you go and more importantly which surgeon do you choose. A decision not made any easier by the endless choices available. I want to tell you what it was like for me and why I chose Revive. Even when I was younger I had droopy eye lids and bags under my eyes which grew worse with the passing of time. My best efforts to look good amounted to nothing. If I had to put into words how this made me feel I would describe it as constantly carrying around a little piece of sadness. I began to seriously consider cosmetic surgery but was far to conservative to have considered going to Poland as an option. My prejudice was to change when a friend asked me to accompany her in Poland for her cosmetic surgery. She had chosen Revive. I am almost embarrassed at how wrong I was. The standard was phenomenal. Now to get to the point. I eventually returned to Poland to have my upper and lower corrective eye lid surgery performed by Prof. Towpik of Revive. After reading his résumé you cannot help but feel you are in the presence of a genius but there is not even a hint of arrogance, just a true gentleman. Infact the entire medical team are lovely and care for you in a way which is palpable. I have been home for three weeks now and words alone seem inadequate to describe how happy I feel. The result is perfect. I am amazed because my whole face looks different and for the first time in years I now look in the mirror and actually think I look pretty. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Towpik for giving me a lovely face and a happy heart. Also a big thank you to Aleksandra for being the perfect host. The only thing left to say is that I sincerely hope sharing my experience with you has been of some benefit, and to add that if ever I am asked why I choose to have cosmetic surgery my reply will be to coin a phrase, 'Because I'm Worth It'. Vera Robinson"
(A review on TreatmentSaver.com, May 2011)

"First of all I want to say thanks for the very professional treatment you gave me in Warsaw. The result of the breast enlargement you made is so perfect - more perfect than I could hope for. You have made a wonderful result. The scars are nearly impossible to see. I will recommend you to anybody who needs any kind of plastic surgery. I will soon send you some pictures, so you can see the beautiful result. I will hopefully see you in April for a check up"
(a patient from Scandinavia)

"Well what a transformation!! I prepared myself before I went to Poland that I would come home improved; I didn't prepare myself to be totally amazed. My breasts are absolutely perfect! I used to wear two bras to hold them in place. I went to Poland with very droopy boobs; I couldn't look in the mirror without feeling totally disgusted with myself with the way I looked. As well as my very droopy breasts, the way my tummy looked caused me to feel so bad about myself. It was very droopy and wrinkly although I am only 39. Past pregnancies and weight gain and loss had taken its toll on my body and subsequently had taken toll on my self esteem and confidence causing me to get very very depressed. I've been home now for four days. I am a different person inside as well as outside and all [my] family and friends are so pleased I went to Poland to have my cosmetic surgery. Although to be honest, they were all trying to change my mind [about] having surgery there. As you know, going abroad for surgery is a bit taboo here in England at the moment. My good friend who accompanied me was so impressed with the support and care I received, she is going to return to Poland and have eye surgery, and [she] has told me she would not consider any other surgeon to do it than Professor Towpik. He is brilliant and we are both absolutely in awe of the results of the procedure. It is totally unbelievable. I would never have dreamed of the outcome. Professor Towpik has changed my life. I felt totally at ease with him throughout, and from the first time I met him I somehow knew I could trust him totally. Alex, our host, we couldn't fault. She was lovely and was always there for me whenever i needed her. Thank you for everything. You were there for me from the first phone call enquiring about the surgery. I cannot thank you enough. Thankyou to Alex and especially Professor Towpik and his staff for making my experience very pleasant. Also the apartment was beautiful and very comfortable and spotless... Julie F"
(a patient from England)

"I am back home for a while now and everything is well. I would just like to use this opportunity and thank you and Prof. Towpik's team! Seriously, I couldn't be happier with the results. I think, even in my dreams, I didn't expect it to be so good. Also a big thanks to Alexandra, she was very helpful and professional. But of course the biggest gratitude goes to [the] surgeons, because their work is just amazing. Everything after surgery went without any complications and I am very satisfied with my new look. You made me very happy! Best wishes, Livija"
(a patient from the UK)

"Hi Alexandra, I arrived back in London safely. I just wanted to thank you and your father again. Your father has completely changed my life because of what he has done to my nose. He is a wonderful plastic surgon. My family were all in shock when they saw me and thought i was a different person, so I am really greateful. I am going back to Uni as well and I know that a couple of my friends after seeing me will want to have theirs done too and I will surely refer them to your father. I am so grateful. I really love my nose. I wanted to do a sliding genioplasty with it but after the reasults of this nose job I dont need to which saved me a lot of money. I am like a thousand times happy. Thank you. Love, Joy xxxx Ps my friend wants to come down in April and I am accompanying her, so I will bring some gifts to show my appreciation."
(a patient from the UK)

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the effort made to ensure my operation was seamless (a little post op humour). But seriously, I found Denise to be professional, courteous, and extremely helpful as I bombarded her with email after email. Upon arriving in Warsaw, my contact Aleksandra spoke near perfect English and was keen to ensure that my stay would be comfortable and without complication. Professor Towpik paid attention to my ideas for the best end result, and now 6 weeks later my stomach is almost fully healed and as flat as ironing board. I now have those wash board abdominals I had always dreamed of. Thanks for making my trip as easy as possible. Kind Regards, Robert Havoc"
(a patient from the UK)

"A friend of mine told me about Revive. The results of her operation have convinced me to contact Revive. So I went with my sister to Warsaw for a breast reduction. Prof. Towpik's work of our operation also are incredibly good. Back to Germany another friend of mine, she is a nurse, took over the post. She is very critical but was very impressed by the work of Prof. Towpik. Her words: 'What Picasso did with his brush Prof. Towpik did with needle and thread.' Not much that i can add to this but just agree and enjoy what Prof. Towpik did. I can recommend Revive to anybody who needs any kind of plastic surgery. We were in the very best hands. Kindest regards, Birgit"
(a patient from Germany)

"I am delighted with the results of the operation you performed, the Breast Augmentation and the Tummy Tuck. The scars have healed very quickly and are now a pale light pink. As this operation went so well, I am going to return to have liposuction on the buttocks and thighs..."
(a patient from the UK)

"Travelling back to Scotland was fine. The scars on my breasts are healing well, as is the abdominal scar, and it didn't take me long to feel a lot better. I am also wearing a support bra and briefs as you advised. Please let Professor Towpik know that I am very happy with the results - he has done an excellent job!"
(a patient from the UK)

"I would like to take a moment to thank Professor Dr. Edward Towpik on doing a wonderful job on my plastic surgery. The entire process was a huge success! I had my breasts enlarged, as well as liposuction of my inner and outer thighs about 2 months ago, and I am extremely satisfied with the results: my breast look quite natural and my legs are slim and smooth. As an American citizen, speaking little Polish, the experience could have been intimidating, but thanks to Prof. Towpik, it was simple. I was able to express what I wanted without any communication barriers, make an appointment for the procedure at a time that was convenient for me, and Prof. Towpik was always available for questions and concerns that I may have had. During my stay at the clinic the staff were all very professional, friendly and put me at ease. The facilities were also cheerful and nice. I can confidently recommend Prof. Towpik and his team as experts in their field. I would most definitely go to them again in the future for any medical needs. Yours faithfully, April Strickland"
(a patient from the USA)



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