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Cosmetic surgery in Europe

Revive offers a wide choice of cosmetic surgery options, including breast lift, augmentation, reduction and correction, facelift and eyelid correction, liposuction and thigh and buttock lift, tummy tuck and more. Please click on the menu items on the right for further details.

Before you undertake any procedure, you will meet your surgeon to discuss exactly what will happen and what outcome should be expected. We also need to ensure that your surgery is tailored to your individual needs - to help you make the right choice.

Consultations, all necessary pre surgery tests, dressings and comphrehensive and extensive post-operative care is included in the cost of your treatment so there are no hidden extras.

As with any surgical procedure, there are some important points that you should consider:

  • All operations carry risks as well as benefits. Your consultant cosmetic surgeon will explain in full how the risks apply to you.

  • By its very nature, any surgery comes with an element of scarring. Rest assured that every effort is made to make it as invisible as possible.

  • The success of your surgery depends not only on how well it is performed, but also on your co-operation and willingness to comply with all of your surgeon’s recommendations during the post-operative period.

Implants used by Revive Surgeons

At Revive we use only high quality Mentor Implants manufactured in the USA, reviewed and approved by the regulatory agencies confirming that the products satisfy safety and health standards.

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breast lift surgery
prominent ears
thigh and buttock lift
tummy tuck
breast reduction
nose reshaping
arm reduction
corrective eyelid surgery
congenital breast deformities


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