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With age face skin loses its elasticity and becomes stretched and flaccid. Facial muscles become less tensed and subcutaneous tissue may become atrophic - resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and folds. Paranasal folds become more prominent, skin overhangs appear on both cheeks and transverse neck wrinkles become more visible.

Only surgery may improve the appearance at this stage. A facelift is an operation to lift face muscles and skin, remove the excess skin and give face a tighter and smoother appearance.

The procedure is done under both intravenous and local anaesthesia. An anaesthetist is present during the whole surgery, to provide full safety and comfort to the patient. Skin incisions start at temporal region (within hair bearing area) past the front of the ear, go around the earlobe and end within haired skin behind the ear. Pressure dressings are put on afterwards. An overnight stay in the Clinic is advisable.

The scarring is minimal and may usually be hidden underneath hair.

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