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Breast reduction

Severe breast overgrowth (hypertrophy) may be congenital, but it may also develop after breastfeeding or just with age. It makes one feel unproportional, one may find it difficult to find properly fitting clothes, or to participate actively in physical exercise. Untreated, it may cause back pain and even spine deformities, due to a spine overload.

Breast overgrowth may be successfully treated by surgery. Hypertrophy is always accompanied by drooping, so the surgery consists of both reduction of the excess glandular and fat tissues, and of breast uplift. The extent of breast reduction is always set individually during the initial consultation. The incisions used are similar as in breast uplifting (mastopexy).

The procedure is always performed under general anaesthesia, and at least 1 day stay in the Clinic is advisable. Well fitted bra should be used for several weeks after the surgery, to enhance proper healing.

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