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Breast Lift - mastopexy

This procedure corrects the shape of "sagging" breasts by repositioning the breast gland with the nipple and areola upwards and, concurrently, excising flabby, stretched skin. "Sagging" occurs most often as a result of breast-feeding, drastic weight loss or, simply, due to ageing.

This type of surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia. In exceptional cases (small breasts), one may consider combining local and venal anaesthesia. Surgical scars are located around and beneath the areola, there are no scars above it, for example in the low-cut neck area. The breast-lift operation may also be used to correct significant asymmetry (for example, one breast "sagging" more than the other).

The breast-lift surgery does not disturb the gland, so breast feeding later on will not be a problem.

The most important thing following surgery is to provide proper healing conditions and secure the operated area against accidental injury. The breasts are initially protected by pressure dressings wrapped in an elastic bandage, then by a surgical brassiere. During the initial months, the brassiere must be worn day and night.

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