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Breast enlargement

Surprisingly many women have their breasts unproportionally small. This may cause severe psychological complications, making it difficult to find clothes which fit correctly, sometimes preventing the enjoyment of sport or other physical activities, and may disrupt sexual self-confidence. This condition is most often congenital, but may also happen after breastfeeding.

Breast enlargement (augmentation) remains one of the most popular (and most satisfying) plastic surgery procedures worldwide. It is performed by placing silicone implants (endoprostheses) behind the breasts, most often under the underlying big pectoral muscles. Selection of the most appropriate prostheses should be done individually and with great care, during the initial consultation with your surgeon. The shape and size of the chest, pectoral musculature and skin elasticity should be taken into an account, and the final size should be adjusted to the patient's overall figure.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and a 1 day stay in the Clinic is advised. In the early postoperative period it is advisable to refrain from active physical exercise (like lifting heavy objects etc.). As breast implants are placed behind the mammary glands, they do not interfere neither with eventual breastfeeding afterwards nor future breast examination (sonography or mammography). There is also no scientific evidence that implants may be associated with development of any medical problems.

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