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At Revive we want your experience to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. That starts with travelling here and finding somewhere to stay.

Getting here from the UK is simple. Low cost flights are offered by budget airlines such as Wizz Air and EasyJet from various convenient locations throughout the UK, including Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and London.

In terms of accommodation, look no further − our newly refurbished Revive studio apartment is the perfect base for your stay in Poland. The apartment, exclusively for Revive patients, is available for pre-operative and post-operative stays, and is the ideal place to prepare for and relax after your procedure.

The well situated apartment consists of:

  • sleeping/living-dining area

  • double bed (linen is included)

  • kitchenette

  • elegant bathroom (and hairdryer)

  • cable TV and DVD player

  • free internet access

Although there are cooking facilities in the apartment, we understand that in the post-operative days immediately after leaving the clinic you might not feel like cooking. We’re happy to provide meals for you while you recuperate for a small additional charge.

The apartment is in a desirable location just a few tram stops from the Warsaw Old Town, and there is a large shopping centre just opposite. If you’d like to see more of Warsaw or its surrounding areas, rich in history and culture, then we can arrange for an excursion guide who will be happy to show you around.

Rates: 7 nights 1,000 zloty (208 @ an exchange rate of 4.80), each additional night 100 zloty (21 @ an exchange rate of 4.80).

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studio apartment
studio apartment
studio apartment - kitchen
studio apartment
studio apartment - bathroom


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